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Greetings and Welcome to the 2019 Georgia Community Coalition Summit…


The Georgia Community Coalition (GCC) is please to announce that the 2019 Summit will take place on Saturday, October 19 at the Eckburg Auditorium on the campus of Savannah Technical College.

For those groups and individuals who share a passion for equity and equality for all, this forum is for you. We invite you to come and share a healthy exchange of ideas and be a part of the solution to address housing, education, entrepreneurial and social justice issues. We anticipate over 150 attendees from the Southeast region.

The Mission of the GCC…
Initially planned as a Training Conference with the late Chester Dunham of Savannah, a community activist and featured the “Dunham Report”, A.  Phillip Randolph leader; the focus of developing equity within the mission of the Georgia Community Coalition is “Comforting the Afflicted and Afflicting the Comfortable”.  Connecting community partners and citizens for enhanced quality of life, guiding solutions for progressive action with purposed civic engagement.

The Purpose, is to pull together members of the Southern Regional group.  To introduce these members to share their purpose and missions in their area with the South Georgia Region. Our goal is to help local non-profit and local organizations, from Jacksonville, to South Carolina, from Atlanta to Savannah, to find their place in the 21st century.